Leave them with the satisfaction of having made
the right decision, with all the facts

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Finally, a Term Quote Engine that gives them the freedom to make informed choices that fit their needs

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Our Quote Engine provides not only comparisons of the lowest rate, but all the rates that make up a quote

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Every day more and more consumers – your clients and prospects – are going online shopping for term life coverage

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Unique Microsites - interactive sales tools using the most advanced responsive design technology available today

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Choose from an unlimited selection of Interactive Quote Banners to add to your personal website

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Add a Facebook Microsite to your Facebook Account

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The Revolutionary Quote Engine that is changing the industry forever

AQ2E Platform

Give your clients the freedom to make informed choices in term life insurance.

AQ2E Platform

AQ2E Platform

Note: To view an example of one of our listed features below, click the icon or description to see live examples.

AQ2E Quote Engine

The AQ2E Quote Engine – where your clients can compare rates and find the plan that’s right for them.

Customizable Microsites

Get your very own Term Life Microsite, whether you have or do not have a website, any agent can market and sell term life insurance online. Our Term Life Microsite is not just a quote engine but an interactive sales tool designed to walk your client through the sales process. Choose from 40 different color schemes.

Dynamic Interactive Banners

If you have a personal website and want your own Term Life Quote Engine, you can simply copy a simple script onto your website page. Choose from many different images and sizes, select your carriers and states to quote or create your own text banner. You can add name, email, email address and phone number fields to capture leads.

Facebook App

Get the most out of your Social Media marketing with our new Facebook App designed to work within the Facebook environment.


The AQ2E Platform supports most of the top carriers and especially those Carriers that have the most competitive rates. View the list of Carriers below:

Carriers Available

American General Life Insurance Company
American National Insurance Company
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company
Banner Life Insurance Company
Brighthouse Financial
Companion Life Insurance Company of NY
Lincoln Financial Group®
North American Company for Life and Health Insurance
Principal Financial Group®
Protective Life Insurance Company
PRUCO Life Insurance Company
Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of MA
Symetra Life Insurance Company
Transamerica Life Insurance Company
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company
United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York

AQ2E Marketing Platform

AQ2E Marketing Platform

Give your clients the freedom to make informed choices in term life insurance.

AQ2E Marketing Platform

The  AQ2E Platform provides you with a simple and easy way for selling Term Life Insurance. That’s great, but in sales, unless people know about it, it has no value. You need to get eyes on it. How do you do that? We have the answer…

Market to Your Current Clients

Automated Personal Contact Emails

With your permission, we will send out emails to your clients on your behalf automatically each month. If you do nothing more, than just sign up for AQ2E Marketing, input your client list, and then let us email your clients, we feel, you will be wildly successful.


6 different Financial and Insurance Newsletters ready for immediate emailing plus 100’s of articles available for separate emailing.


Automated Newsletter

With your permission, we will send out a quarterly email newsletter to your clients.

CRM - Event Campaigns

Schedule Event Campaigns in your CRM “Set It and Forget It” Event Campaigns for Birthdays, Holidays, Business Review Dates.

Prospect for New Clients

Automated Email Campaigns

We’ve created multiple Email Campaigns ready to use incorporating Inbound Marketing. The prospecting email contains an offer. The offer can include an 11page life insurance review guide, or the use of a free life insurance calculator to determine how much insurance is needed, or a free term life quote. The opens and clicks become part of the campaign and are followed up with 4 more emails.

Prospecting Database List

Choose from a consumer database of over 28 million consumer prospects or a database of over 6.5 million businesses. Select Consumers based on location and other criteria like age, gender, income and much more and business prospects based on location, number of employees, industry and more.

Capture Pages

Capture Pages instantly pull prospects into your sales funnel, perfect for marketing! Lead Capture Pages are curiosity-provoking web pages that capture new leads and contact details (including name, email address, and phone number). As prospects complete the form, they are added to your contact manager, tracked, followed-up with, and educated… all automatically.

Opens and Clicks

Opens and Clicks are added to your CRM client list and are then available to market as current clients.

Website Marketing Tools

AQ2E Life Marketing Website

The AQ2E Life Marketing Website is a unique Microsite built for the AQ2E Marketing Platform using the most advanced responsive design technology available today. Your website is not only a Quote Engine but an interactive sales tool that carries your prospects through the Life Insurance Buying Process, “engage, educate and convert”. The Website also includes the Life Insurance Buyers Guide, and the patent pending  Needs Analyzer

AQ2E Total Solution

AQ2E Total Solution

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